Barefoot Beach Preserve is now open for visitors

A Place Where Beauty Abounds and Nature Thrives...

Collier County's desirable coast reaches its zenith at Barefoot Beach Preserve, where numerous plant and animal species reside and visitors are able to enjoy the ambience of the park's natural surroundings. 

Barefoot Beach Preserve is 342 acres of natural land, one of the last undeveloped barrier islands on Florida's southwest coast.  This beach park is an excellent example of the shifts in habitat that occur within a very narrow strip of land with only slight changes in elevation and moisture.  8,200 feet of beach and sand dunes support the growth of sea oats, providing nesting sites for sea turtles during the summer months.  The park also maintains a tropical coastal hammock of sabal palm, gumbo-limbo, and sea grape trees among many others.  The site is also home to the protected gopher tortoise. 

Barefoot Beach Preserve is popular for its gorgeous, plush surroundings and its opportunities for avid fishermen, who are able to enjoy many species of fish.  The inland side of the island provides tidal creeks and mangrove swamps which serve as breeding areas and as a nursery for marine life.

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