There are many native plants and animals in the Preserve.


  • One specific is the gopher tortoise.  Please drive carefully throughout the Preserve to protect our native wildlife.  Gopher tortoises especially like to get under parked cars or graze near the roadways.  Please be watchful when entering your car to make sure nothing is under or around it.

  • You may see a pole with a platform and a nest on top.  This will be one of several Osprey families that we have in the Preserve.  They visit us each winter to nest and have their chicks--usually two in the nest.  They leave at the end of season to vacation for the summer.

  • During May through October, if you are lucky and early to the beach, you may see what looks like tractor tracks.  These are from the female sea turtles (usually Loggerhead) that came ashore during the night, dug a pit, laid eggs, then covered them up before returning to the sea.  We have stewards that check the beach each morning during season and mark each nest with stakes and caution tape.  We usually do not see the sea turtles, since they do not usually come ashore during the day time.

  • We have many shorebirds year-round, however, there are times we have migratory birds coming through for a visit or just to winter here.  Please walk around any birds on the beach, because they are feeding and resting. 


We have created several sections here, so please check our drop-down box above for more information on a variety of plants and animals around the Preserve.

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